Discover What
Inspires You

With a premier location, whip-smart design, and top-shelf amenities, it’s easy to see why Hub is like nowhere else.

Charged Ground - Nature has a way of inspiring our best selves. Through a spell of awe or a flash of insight, the raw, earthiness of the world charges us to think differently. It floods us with fresh perspective and drive. Hub Blacksburg is a place to feel that natural spark. To live within a community that’s down-to-earth and up-for-anything. A group of folks eager to explore the world together and find what moves them. Let this charged ground inspire you to wander farther, listen closer, and look deeper, while carving out your path in the world.

Modern Design With A Futuristic Outlook

Fueled by wholesome American grit, our infectious spirit energizes our community. Our team at Hub Blacksburg creates a cooperative and engaging environment, supporting each other from the get-go. Plan, recharge, and blossom at our Blacksburg off campus housing.

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Alive With The Energy Of Being Young & Free

We celebrate the different people who call Hub home and the unique spaces that make them feel at home.

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Feel the pulse of Blacksburg.

Our Blacksburg apartments put you in the center of it all and inspire you to experience everything the city has to offer.

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