Our UIUC off campus housing is designed to make comfortable both students and parents.

Student Housing For Lifetime Achievement

Hub On Campus Champaign provides modern student housing adjacent to the heart of University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, where parents and guardians can feel confident about their students’ chosen living space. Each facet of our community is tailored specifically to students to best accommodate their needs and wants for off campus apartments in Champaign, IL — from our student-centered environment to our student-friendly features, we have everything required by students for a well-rounded college experience.

Individual Housing Contracts

Whether you plan to sign as a guarantor on the housing contract or you’re helping your student with the process of finding off campus housing, residents and parents alike can enjoy the benefits of our individual housing contracts. Apartments within our student community are rented by the room. This frees students from any liability for payments owed by their roommates. What’s more, our by-the-room housing contracts make easier the task of finding off campus housing during the rush for UIUC student housing!

Student-Centered Environment

Each aspect of our community is expertly designed to help facilitate student success with regard to academic life and college living. With Hub Champaign, everything your student needs and wants is conveniently located nearby — from popular local hot spots to the heart of campus. Students can drive, bike or walk to their destination without having to factor in the time required for a lengthy commute.

Professional Management

Students never have to worry about dealing with an unresponsive landlord about maintenance requests or any other matter. Our professional management team is on call 24-hours each day to effectively manage the needs of residents. The professional maintenance team with our student community likewise responds promptly to resident requests. No matter what your student encounters while living at Hub Champaign, we’re here to help!

Roommate Matching Available

Our roommate-matching services make simple the process of finding a roommate. To ensure that residents are paired successfully, we request that they fill out a profile survey, which will help us determine optimal compatibility for roommates. Matches are made with consideration to a number of factors, such as living style preference, interests, and hobbies, among other resident-specific details. Contact us for more information about roommate matching.

Community For Students

Academic achievement is among the most important factors of student living, but so, too, is a comfortable living space complete with features to promote a well-balanced lifestyle. Hub Champaign provides residents with a student-inclusive community centrally located in Campustown — only steps from local hubs for dining, activities, shopping, and more. Students can take advantage of the resident amenities within our student community, which include Wi-Fi and study rooms, to promote positive study habits and further their academic success.

Modern Apartments

Hub Champaign accommodates the evolving lifestyle needs of our modern students with fully furnished suites. Each apartment includes appliances, televisions, and lavish furnishings ideal for utility and enjoyment. Residents can find quiet peace-of-mind within our individual bedrooms or entertain fellow UIUC students in open-layout common areas.

Conveniently Located

Students who live at our UIUC apartments enjoy reduced commute times to a wide range of their top destinations. Our convenient location in the center of Campustown, students are only steps from Greek life, nightlife, and more. What’s more, students who live with us can leverage the benefits of a short commute to the heart of campus — students can get to class on time while making the most of their free time.